Reasons Why Large Numbers of Filipinos Are Studying Nursing in Canada

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Canada is one of the preferred destinations for international students to pursue nursing courses. If we look at the demography, then one of the fastest-growing source countries of international nursing students in Canada is the Philippines. Nurses from the Philippines actively migrate to study nursing in Canada, which further leads to a progression in their career.

The advancement of nursing in Canada has led to a massive increase in the number of Filipino nurses in the country. However, other than this there are many other reasons as well.

The Philippines is very often identified as one of the leading power house of nurses and owing to that, it has been one of the main countries of global export to Canada. Nurses from the Philippines make up the largest group of Canadian nurses who graduate successfully after completing different nursing courses.  An overall increase in the immigration of health professionals leads Canada to grow as a significant destination for Filipino nurses.

In order to gain a good insight into the immigration and the transition experience of nurses in Canada, one of the important steps is to understand the roots of this trend. Filipinos are one of the most caring societies that are known for their empathetic, caring, and social attributes. They have innate humanity that reflects in different ways as they interact socially. It is because of their highly nurturing spirit and a caring temperament that Filipinos are given a high status as Canadian nurses.

In this blog, we will have a detailed look at the reasons why large numbers of Filipinos are studying nursing in Canada to understand the trend better.

1. High-Quality Nursing Education:

Primarily, one of the most important reasons for a rise in the number of Filipino students applying for nursing courses is because of the high-quality nursing education offered in Canada. In addition to a wide number of specializations that are offered for nursing graduates in Canada, the quality of education, and the number of job opportunities is considerably amazing.

The Canadian institutions and colleges turn out to mentor some of the most incredibly talented graduates. These institutions are really well-funded, internationally renowned for the quality of education they offer and attract some of the top professors and courses that enable nurses to do well.

After fulfilling nursing requirements in Canada, the Filipino nurses are actually in the shape of awaiting an extremely bright and happy future. Therefore, if nurses wish to finish the course even smarter, accomplished, and successful than any other place in the world, they must be completely prepared for studying nursing in Canada while considering one of the best Universities or Colleges that teaches these courses.

In addition, if a nurse has studied nursing in the Philippines, then Canada is a perfect destination to pursue a nursing course and become an important part of the Canadian healthcare system. Successfully graduating from nursing courses in Canada does not only offer better compensation, but it also offers great job security as the Canadian healthcare system is one of the best in the world.

2. Stability:

Canada is a land of numerous opportunities and with its healthcare sector facing a remarkable shortage of nurses, the demand for foreign nurses has increased immensely. To fill this nursing shortage and avoid any kind of scarcity in the healthcare sector, Canada accepts numerous nursing applications from all over the world.

Comparing this to developing countries, Canada is even more stable, financially rich, and has a large pool of opportunities for Filipino nurses. It offers different kinds of jobs with varying pay scales for nurses in their given specialization. Since nursing in Canada is considered to be the most stable job option, the country actually requires foreign nurses in large numbers.

In addition to enjoying the job security, the Filipinos enjoy the freedom of choosing a job as per depending upon their specialization in any given province all across Canada. For instance; if a nurse has completed the nursing study in Canada from a province, but now wants to move to another province, then they have the option of doing it.

The decision of moving to Canada made by Filipino nurses for better job stability is, therefore, one of the best for nursing practitioners. A culturally diverse and stable future in Canada presents a lot of opportunities for all internationally educated nurses and that is why these nurses prefer to study and work in Canada.

3. Salary Prospects:

Considered is one of the countries known for its excellent healthcare systems in the world. Canada offers some of the best remunerations to foreign nurses. The nursing profession is not just held in high regard in Canada, but it is also respected for its attributes. The Filipino nurses studying nursing in Canada can be assured of bright salary prospects along with the financial security never being an issue.

Nursing in Canada includes high pay rates based on experience, advanced nursing practice, administrative roles, etc. that fall in the upper category of salary bracket. In addition, the pay scales vary based on the qualification possessed by nurses in different provinces. Salary prospects are actually on the higher side for nurses and as long as financial security is concerned, the internationally educated nurses enjoy substantial safety.

Since there are many monetary benefits to be enjoyed as a nurse in Canada, Filipinos prefer moving to Canada for career progression. The perks of the nursing profession being one of the most highly paid ones in Canada makes it a highly preferred choice for almost all international nurses, particularly the Filipinos.

4. Specialized Nursing Courses:

The Canadian healthcare system is segregated into different kinds of specialization and there is a wide number of options to choose from. If an overseas nurse from the Philippines completes a program in Community Mental Health, they also have an opportunity to practice in the province of their choice and at any healthcare institution. Due to the fact that a nursing program in Community Mental Health focuses on patients suffering from serious mental health concerns, the Filipinos are required to have a heightened sense of empathy towards their well-being.

Studying specialized courses of nursing in Canada allows the nurses to learn the process of forming a personal bond with the family of patients as they also need your care and guidance. The doctors also consider nurses to be knowledgeable and wise enough to take care of the patient independently.

In a scenario like this, the Filipinos are presented with a plethora of opportunities to grow and gain expertise in their fields. This is because every specialization brings plenty of different pathways and this is why the nursing prospects in Canada are extremely bright and completely worth it.

5. Multicultural Growth:

Canada is a culturally diverse country in the entire world. In addition to the Filipinos, people from a variety of different cultures comprise a major part of Canadian students and citizens. After completing a nursing course in Canada, not only do the Filipinos get an opportunity to know and explore different cultures, but they also benefit a lot in their nursing careers.

After completing a study of nursing in Canada, a Filipino nurse understands the various layers of healthcare offered by the Canadian healthcare system. This understanding of care enhances the personal and professional insights that are important for nursing. Due to the fact that the nursing profession requires the nurses to work on the patient’s well-being, it trains Filipinos to possess the best skills and guidance needed to deal with difficult situations.

Canada motivates multicultural growth which then leads to ethnic and racial harmony. It also promotes cross-cultural understanding and being an internationally educated nurse; Filipinos can take pride in their ancestry while having a sense of belongingness. The cultural respect for all religions in Canada helps everyone to be treated equally and as a Filipino nurse, the experience that nurses bring to Canada helps them offer the best healthcare support.


When the nurses from the Philippines go to study nursing in Canada, they get an opportunity to be a part of the Canadian healthcare workforce. Amongst many other reasons responsible for Filipinos to study nursing in Canada, the most profound one is the ability to undergo the best education that makes a difference in the ability to offer patient care altogether.

As one of the best and most developed countries in the world, there are numerous opportunities for all foreign nurses who want to learn healthcare nursing practices in Canada. With a profound sense of commitment and zeal to be there for patients, nurses can make a very successful career in Canada. Undoubtedly, Filipino nurses who are planning to study nursing in Canada can maximize this time substantially in their favor.


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