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The economic crash in the late 2000s, for instance, and epidemics that cross countries in a matter of hours and days are all fueled by greater connections, information technology, international travel, and migration patterns. One can see how easily and quickly a crisis or issue can affect and spread to other countries through porous borders and technology venues.

A review of the literature on global health issues further uncovered numerous concerns, from global warming and terrorism to emerging infectious diseases. Other topics such as human trafficking, maternal-newborn health, and industrialized means further deteriorated health levels globally. Falling health levels increased the nursing shortage – that is a global shortage.

For countries like the UK, United States, and Canada – it is essential to alleviate the national shortage by recruiting top-quality nurses from countries around the world, and train them in specialized programs to become a global nurse excelling in every distinct field of a health-care facility. In many ways, the international recruitment of Internationally Educated Nurses [IEN] is valuable for both the nurses, as well as the hiring health-care institutions. Apart from creating a more cultural and diverse work-force, the best global nursing programs often create a robust team of specialized nurses vetting out their professional and licensed service in multiple countries of the world.

INSCOL’s Global Nurse Program is a unique initiative to address the growing needs of the nurses, helping them upgrade their knowledge and skills required to face the challenges and work in international health-care facilities. In partnership with the leading Universities and Colleges across Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, INSCOL offers bespoke specialty nursing programs to Internationally Educated Nurses in Coronary Care Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Nursing Leadership & Management and other programs.

Embrace what it takes to be a ‘Global Nurse’ – be the leader of your facility and serve the diverse ethnic and cultural needs of the global patient population. Get acquainted with the best international nursing practices that competitively exhibit high levels of knowledge, skills and professional conduct. With INSCOL’s specialized approach you will reap the benefits of the institute’s in-depth curriculum to enjoy a status equivalent to any other medical professional and hold proper social recognition. A decent remuneration for your day-to-day job and high-standards of living are a given, along with excellent opportunities for global career growth – With INSCOL! Enroll Now!



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