5 Top Tips for Nurses to Ace NCLEX-RN Exam

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Nursing is a competitive field and with the growing demand for skilled nurses in the profession, candidates aim at passing the exam in first attempt to make themselves as viable as possible to fetch good positions. Though, the increased passing standard has made it difficult to pass the exam statistically but with practice and precision you can ace the NCLEX-RN exam easily.

1. Try To Understand The Topic

First thing is identifying the topic. In the NCLEX exam questions are not framed in a simple manner, sometimes even simplest question is framed in a way, it can cause confusion to the candidate. So, get an understanding of the topic first this will save your time and you will be able to write answer in a better way.

2. Focus On Strategy Not On Content

It is a lengthy exam and to balance out your time, you need to focus on strategy rather than content while answering the questions especially complicated ones.This will help you in proper application of your content knowledge. If you have recently passed out from a nursing school, you must have learnt importance of this point.

3. Know The Test-pattern Before Hand

Try sample NCLEX papers available online before taking the exam, this will give you good understanding of test-pattern. It is an extensive exam, so work on your test-taking stamina so that you are prepared to attempt all 265 questions. When you attempt few sample exams, this develops your critical thinking and briefs you about passing-level-difficulty.

4. Identify Your Strength And Weaknesses

Best way to identify your strengths and weaknesses are taking a diagnostic test. Focus your review on the area where you need most help, this will you will be able to make most of your study hours.

5. Form A Study Plan And Stick To It

Though this may sound like an obvious one, but it is very important to plan your practice session well in advance. Plan your practice session close to your exam date so that you are sure that you are covering all essentials.

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