Tips To Mentor A Newly Graduated Nurse

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Mentors play a very important part in the realm of nursing education. With continuous development in nursing industry, mentors too evolve to share their experiences and instill the right skills in to the future generation of nursing professionals. In a healthcare setting, nurses grasps from other nurses and improvise their potential. Here are some tips to mentor newly graduated nurses in order to help them become a true professional of the industry.

  • Every professional needs a mentor to guide and support in doing things the right way. Nurses too need to have mentors due to the fact that the road to a successful nursing career is tough and without a mentor, it will be lonely and no fun.

  • Every nurse is different, thus being a mentor; you should help them achieve their personal and professional development goals.

  • For nurses, going with just one mentor is not restricted. Instead, they can seek help from different people to mentor them in their work and success.

  • Fellow nursing peers, in workplace or in college, can also help potential nurses to learn and adapt the nursing culture.

  • A mentor must demonstrate excellent professional and personal characteristics; someone like an inspiration to the budding nurses. Your traits, values and conduct will equally influence a nurse student.

  • Reverse your role of mentoring nurses, as it will give them a chance to show their own experience, knowledge and skills that also grows with your mentorship.

  • Encourage nurse students to volunteer in formal mentorship programs in healthcare organizations and professional associations, and be willing to mentor other nurses informally.

  • The success of a mentor is evaluated by the success of a student nurse. Therefore, it becomes imperative to work towards the success of a newly graduated nurse.

Moreover, nurses aspiring to get in to the role of full-time mentor, nursing administrators or nurse managers can pursue a course with focus on developing effective leadership & management skills from a reputed institution.

INSCOL offers PG certificate in nursing leadership & management in partnership with Seneca College, Canada. Course is designed for nurses who are currently employed and looking for professional advancement or nurses who are aspiring for a leadership and management role in a healthcare setting.


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