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More often than not it the desire to serve and care for people that motivates most people in choosing nursing as their full-time profession. If you are ready to give your 100%, becoming a successful nurse won’t be tough for you. Nursing is a noble profession that rewards the individual not only personally, but financially as well. The profession offers complete job security as well as multiple career options on a global level. So, in case, you have always wanted to enter the field of nursing, especially critical care nursing, you will be delighted to find that many options are available at your disposal to choose from, even at an international level.

If you wish to enter the critical care nursing field, it is important to have a clear understanding of a global critical care nurse. Transnationally educated, a Global Nurse is qualified to serve the healthcare needs of ethnically and culturally diverse patients who are critically ill and at a high risk of life-threatening health problems. Well versed with the international nursing best practices, a critical care nurse has the required level of knowledge & skills and displays professional conduct in keeping with international ethics.

Global Nurses are required to engage in superior health service delivery & advocacy and making use of their advanced skills to provide complete care to patients in critical condition. Critical care nurses enjoy a status equivalent to any other healthcare professional and receive good social recognition. Many nurses from developing countries like India, Philippines, Malaysia and Nigeria are choosing the profession to become a critical care nurse because they know that the demand of nurses from their background is growing globally every passing day. Qualified and experienced nurses from developing countries are getting a myriad of opportunities of working at a global level where they get the chance to work in a different and more technologically advanced healthcare environment. In addition, they get a chance to improve their skills, enhance their knowledge level, strengthen their experience, and not to mention, improve their financial status as well.

If you too want to grow in the field of nursing, the best option would be to join the Graduate Certificate RN – Critical Care Nursing Program in Canada. Countless internationally educated nurses come to Canada to pursue nursing programs in Canada. Like other developed countries, Canada has a huge demand for critical care nurses and healthcare professionals owing to their ever-increasing older population. Moreover obtaining admission and visas is comparatively simpler for Canada. You can read more about the program online. But make sure to choose only trusted partners while deciding to study abroad.


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