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The United Kingdom has a profound background of culture and history along with a steadfast record of significant development. One can do many things in the UK including capitalizing on new opportunities, studying in some of the world-class universities or just enjoying traveling to and seeing beautiful places.

With that being said, what makes the UK all the more appealing is the fantastic career opportunities. Year after year, thousands of professionals travel to the UK in search of making an accomplished career. Many of these are international nurses aspiring to work with the NHS or the National Health Service.

Since there is a domestic shortage in the country, NHS in the UK is regularly recruiting international nursing professionals. Over 41% of the present NHS vacancies relate to the nurses requirements in the UK with almost 43,000 posts still to be filled. Therefore, nursing jobs in the UK have a huge scope of offering reliable and successful career opportunities.

As it is known widely, nursing is a highly rewarding career in the UK. For most of the overseas nurses, the most significant attraction of working in the UK is the National Health Service. It is not only abundant in nursing jobs for both native and the overseas nurses but the multiple benefits that come with NHS jobs are highly attractive.


To become a successful nurse in the United Kingdom, here are some important things that you must know. In addition to knowing how to take care of people, you must also have a clear knowledge of all that a nurse is expected to do. In this blog, we list five important things to know before applying for nursing jobs in the UK:

    • 1.


    • : A prerequisite to know before applying for nursing jobs in the UK is registered with the NMC (The Nursing and Midwifery Council). It is the regulatory body responsible for officially regulating nursing and midwifery professionals.

To become a nurse in the UK, acquiring an NMC registration along with a UK work permit is necessary. This is because a current registration and a PIN number are required to practice in the UK as a nurse or a midwife.

To complete this registration, the nursing professionals are required to submit a number of documents to the NMC. After the submission of the necessary documents, the NMC takes up to 60 working days to issue a decision letter which is based on registration, rejection or requirement to undertake a necessary period of supervised practice.

The letter explains whether the applicant needs to do an adaptation or if the nursing qualification of the applicant is enough to be recognized and issued a PIN number without any condition. It must also be clearly noted that NMC does not provide the right to work in the UK. It is still necessary to get a VISA for non-EEA nationals.

    • 2.


    • : All the international nurses securing

nursing jobs in the UK

    • must clear a competence test called the computer-based test (CBT) along with a practical examination called the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE).

The computer-based test including multiple-choice questions is accessible in many countries all over the world so that applicants can access it in their home countries, and OSCE is always held in the UK.

After the candidate passes the OSCE, they are then invited to attend a face to face identification check. During this interview, they are asked for some original documents. This further enables the candidate to get an NMC pin and work as an NHS nurse.

    • 3.


    • : This is one of the most significant things to know before applying for a nursing job in the UK. One needs to know how to read, speak and write in the English language. Proficiency in the English language is considered to be an important part of nursing requirements in the UK because the healthcare system requires an ability to communicate with patients and co-workers.

The nursing professionals can prove their proficiency by taking IELTS (International English Language Testing System). This will showcase that the applicants can understand and communicate in the language confidently.

Additionally, the nursing professionals can also take the OET (Occupational English language test), an examination that is particularly designed for the healthcare sector or for doctors, midwives, and nurses. Nursing professionals can take OET to prove their language communication skills.

nursing jobs in the UK

    • 4.


    • : All through the process of recruitment, there is a need to submit multiple documents that will be directly sent to the NHS trust. The purpose of these documents is to ensure safety and legal compliance that is required to do a

nursing job in the UK

    • . Some of the examples of these documents are an NHS application form, address proof, a police check from the applicant’s home country, references, etc. NHS asks for these documents so that the nursing applicant’s record is supported with all the valid proofs.

Multiple NHS organizations associate themselves for taking initiatives for holding recruitment campaigns that are in line with the employer’s code of practice of NHS. Nursing professionals can make the most of these opportunities to secure a reliable nursing job in the UK.

    • 5.


    • : To apply for the Visa application, an essential requirement is a

certificate of sponsorship (COS)

    • . The certificate of sponsorship lasts for three years after which it is supposed to be re-sponsored.

Furthermore, as of June 2018, the UK government announced that there will be a relaxation on the Visa rules. Therefore, there is no longer a limitation on the number that might be issued.

For the overseas nurses who are outside the EEA, the requirement is to apply for a Tier 2 Visa. Based on the NHS trust that the nursing professionals might be working for, the cost or some part of the total Visa cost is also sometimes covered.

nursing requirements in the UK


Other than having one of the most well-known healthcare systems in the world, the UK is also known to be an exceptional place to settle in. Nurses can enhance their career in the UK by enjoying benefits such as flexible working hours, education and training opportunities, NHS pension scheme, etc.

In case you are looking ahead to move to the country as a nurse then this is a great time to do the same as there is a massive nurse requirement in the UK. You must take confidence in the fact that the entire process of going to the UK is an easy and exciting one. Just be mindful of the five important things to know before applying for nursing jobs in the UK and you will be good to go.


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