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Ninety-nine Nursing Professions after a Nursing Degree – Part 3 - INSCOL

Ninety-nine Nursing Professions after a Nursing Degree – Part 3

Table of Contents

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This blog is in continuation to the one written earlier under the same title and the introduction.

The responsibilities of a nurse mostly depends on the nursing specialty and the field of practice in different types of healthcare settings. A nurse can find career opportunities in hospitals, nursing care facilities, prisons, military bases, private clinics, nursing schools, mentor other nurses, handle administrative tasks and even conduct research jobs. If you are about to pursue nursing degree and want to know about the professions you can opt for your career ahead, this list of 99 nursing profession that was published in nursejournal.org is just for you. However, there are few professions that requires a master’s degree (MSN) and the specialization in the field of practice.

70. Epidemics Research Nurse

There is a significant worry that we are on the brink of a new epidemic or pandemic, like Ebola. Nurses are needed to research the various new illnesses and come up with cures and techniques to prevent spreading.

71. Asylum Nurse

Asylum seekers often have highly complex health needs, including psychological needs.

72. Nurse for At Risk Populations

Certain populations are classed as “at risk,” such as veterans and the homeless. They often require specialized health care.

73. Nurse Lobbyist

You will speak to Congressmen and Senators in the hope of encouraging certain health care ideas to be legislated and receive funding.

74. Federal Health Care Nurse

Work on federal health care development programs to affect outcomes for various populations.

75. Continuous Professional Education Coordination

All nurses are dedicated to their continuous professional education. Coordinating this and keeping on records on further education is an interesting and varied role.

76. Bioterrorism Research Nurse

Bioterrorism requires extensive knowledge on development and behavior of pathogens.

77. Medical Journalist

Investigate and report on healthcare issues around the globe.

78. Disaster Management and Relief Nurse

Provide health care to affected populations after a disaster.

79. Toxicology Nurse

Having an understanding of poisons and their effects on humans is hugely important.

80. Environmental Health Nurse

Environmental health, how our behavior affects the planet and how the planet affects our health are very important issues to look at for a nurse.

81. Hazardous Waste Nurse

Hazardous waste could have devastating consequences on the health of entire populations.

82. Industrial Nurse

This is closely related to occupational health, although this type of nurse will look more at overall risk and hazard prevention.

83. Forensic Nurse

Forensic nursing is often required after crimes have been committed.

84. Study Programs Development Nurse

Develop programs for the next nursing generation.

85. Vaccine Research Nurse

Ensure that people are immunized against various illnesses, and review their effectiveness and possible side effects.

86. Ambulatory Care Nurse

With ambulatory care, cases that would usually require stay in hospital are resolved on an outpatient basis.

87. Flight or Transport Nurse

Help treat people who have to be expatriated due to illness or injury.

88. Certified Nurse Assistant

Support the workload of other nurses and ensure they can perform their job properly.

89. Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurse

Help to insert catheters into aortas to diagnose heart conditions.

90. HIV/AIDS Nurse

HIV/AIDS continues to be a significant health issue that requires research, development and care.

91. Genetics Nurse

You will research genes and their effects.

92. Holistic Nurse

Holistic nurses believe everything is interconnected and needs to be addressed in order to provide great health care.

93. Mind, Body and Spirit Nurse

Very similar to holistic nursing but you often use Eastern and Oriental care techniques, including Reiki and acupuncture.

94. Legal Nurse Consultant

Provide consultation on legal matters within the health care field.

95. NICU Nurse

Work with very sick and premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

96. Peri-Anesthesia Nurse

Help patients who are coming out of anesthesia.

97. Peri-Operative Nurse

Look after patients who are recovering from surgery.

98. Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing

This is a highly specialized field of nursing where you deal with patients who have problems with wounds, ostomy and continence. Only some 4,000 nurses worldwide have specialized in this field to date.

99. Inspire Others

Be an inspiration to other people by showing your care and dedication to others.

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