The Benefits of Travel Nursing Career in Canada

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Let’s explore some of the benefits of travel nursing in Canada.

What’s the major difference between travel nursing jobs in Canada and anywhere else?

Well, if we talk about United States, the assignments are general 13 weeks long, however, in Canada; you have the option to pick the assignment as per your needs. They can be as short as 1 week to as long as 1-2 months. The longer, of course, the better for nurse managers.

As a travel nurse, can you choose your work location or the setting?

Yes, working in Canada as a Travel Nurse, you have the freedom to choose your work location or the place to practice. The only thing is that you have to be licensed to work in the different provinces.

How much is the starting pay for a new nurse in Canada?

Well, a fresh graduate can earn around $45 per hour, with northern allowance, per diem, sick pay, vacation pay, etc. If you work in a specialty clinic, the pay could be higher and the more experience you have the higher it will be.

Are there any ‘tax-free’ allowances offered for travel nurses?

Travel nurses are entitle for ‘tax-free’ stipends like northern isolation allowances, per diem, etc. but it differs according to the assignment. Before hiring, the recruiter would discuss that with you and it will show on your work contract as well.

Are the working hours for travel nurses guaranteed?

Yes, the hours are guaranteed and overtime is voluntarily available.

In what shifts do Canadian Nurses work?

Quite similar to the US, shifts for Canadian nurses will differ based on the field of practice as well as the healthcare setting. Many facilities have 12-hour shifts; however, 8-hour shifts are available for travel nurses in Canada.

What is the typical Nurse-patient ratio in Canada?

Well, there isn’t such a delegated nurse-patient ratio in Canada. Since, staffing levels are pretty manageable, thus, it depends on the workload and availability of nurses. On an average, it could possibly be like – in ICU 1:1-2, OR 1:1, Med Surgical 1:4-6 and in LTC 1:10-30 one can expect.

What are the responsibilities of a travel nurse during a shift?

For travel nurses in Canada, you can expect the same responsibilities of a full-time nurse position. You may be required to work in ER, ICU, Med/Surgical, Palliative, Rehab, OR, PARR, Ambulatory Care/Day Surgery/ OPD, L&D, and LTC as per the needs.

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